Biarritz & Anglet

We arrived in Biarritz; our first city stop and sparkling tourist destination. To get in, we had to negotiate befuddling road junctions with miffed expressions, sketchy free for all round-a-bouts and the centre ville parking lottery. All this sounds like standard issue city stress but it's okay because these tediums are eclipsed by the abundance of decent surf spots. 

Our first surf was at Anglet. We arrived and picnicked on the beach primarily to assess what waves were working. It was ace, the waves were well formed and neither of us wanted to leave to search for a campsite before nightfall. Being a city campsites weren't close by, it was tempting to stay in the carpark and be first on the scene for the predicted swell. The anticipation of swell was too great but it turns out our eagerness could shift down a gear. The waves weren't as crowded as we thought and it worked best at higher tides so no dawn call was needed. We could enjoyed the daily trip up the scenic coast road from our campsite near La Milady. 

The swell came and to our surprise Grande Plage was practically empty... Although choppy it was unnerving to see so few in the water but happy days. Duncan caught one wave and promptly had his surf cancelled by a determined life guard on a paddle board. Why would this happen to Duncan and a small group of other foreign surfer?! After some head scratching it transpires the purple flag means sea pollution is too high and no activity is permitted, bah! 1hr later the flag came down the surf improved and all was well again, lesson noted.

We had a great 5 days in Biarritz, extended from 3. There was also plenty to noodle around on flat days; We dropped by the aquarium, a lively visit except for one heart wrenching melancholic seal. On the plus side we marvelled at the nightmarish monster eels and 11 meter formaldehyde giant squid, for reals. There were stylish shops around every corner. For detached consumer Duncan this was a test of patience, for trigger happy hollie this was an absorbed afternoon. Rewarded of course with eye popping Ice cream sundaes in a beautiful age old classic parlour.

The surf went flat and our appetite for tourist indulgence was maxed out, it was time to move on.